Ring of the Dove

The Ring of the Dove

Dated circa 1022


Readings (*this is a reading packet):

16 Sep, Ibn Hazm, Tawq al-Hamama* 1, 33-45,68-72,87-94,102-106
18 Sep, Ibn Hazm, Tawq al-Hamama* 2, 118-131,152-160,180-82, 202-219
20 Sep,  Ibn Hazm, Tawq al-Hamama* 3, 230-261
30 Sep, Ibn Hazm, Tawq al-Hamama* 4, 262-284


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Wikipedia Arabic on Ibn Hazm

Electronic texts:

Full text English / Full text Arabic / Original manuscript

Signs of Love (33-45) (Po – Pr)  / On Hinting With the Eyes (Pr) and Of Correspondence (68-72) (PoPr)/ Of Compliance (87-94) (PoPr)/ Of the Spy (102-106) (PoPr)/ Of Union (118-131) (PoPr)  / Of Fidelity (152-160) (PoPr)/Of Forgetting (202-219) (PoPr)/ Of Vileness of Sinning (230 – 261) (PoPr)/ Of Virtue of Continence (262-284) (Po – Pr)/ Rest

All the poetry / All the prose

Lab exercise: Pick your favorite section of the reading and make wordclouds of the prose sections and compare them with the poetry sections of this work. Describe your findings.

Examine this “bubblelines” view of some words in Ibn Hazm’s work.  It uses the bubblelines visualization from tapor.ca. What do you think it shows us about the Ring of the Dove?

A bubblelines visualization of Ibn Hazm

A bubblelines visualization of Ibn Hazm

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